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Erik Fenton

DeviantCJ drew this awesome image of Erik as part of an art trade <3
Soul Stealer
Erik's Bio Sheet
Part of the Cosplay Series: Erik as Sanzo
Desgins for Erik at the age of 13
Erik drawn to Dr. Reanimator's 'Move Your Dead Bones'
Erik Fenton-Enemy of all Anti-Smoking Campgains
This smexy Erik doll is by Sammy! I luffs it.
Three Styles of Erik Fenton
Halloween Toddler Erik by Sammy. It's so CUTE!
Erik Fenton Doll done on a Jishin Base
Dragonghosthalfa did this awesome picture of Erik with her interpertation of his motorcycle
Okamitsuki brings us a rather cute Erik
Sammy did this awesomely smexy avatar of Erik for a kiriban prize!

Selene Fenton

Waiting for days for you to come home again
Selene with her hand against a wall
Selene's Bio Sheet
Chibi Selene
Part of the Cosplay Series: Selene as Super Sailor Venus
Selene Fenton Desgin Sheet
Blushing Selene by Al-Chan
Selene Doll done by Lorelei as a request
Selene sprite, also done by Lorelei
Three Styles of Selene
Chibi Selene hanging on a moon

Solaria Fenton

Fun with prismacolors and gothic lolita!
Kanransha drew this WONDERFUL image of Solaria!
WhiteDragon drew Solaria with one of my otaku senshi, Sailor Burdened Angel
Solaria's Bio Sheet
A True Ice Queen
Chibi Solaria sitting on a circle
Chibi Solaria
Part of the Cosplay Series: Solaria as Eternal Sailor Moon
Three Styles of Solaria
A rather sorrowful Solaria

July Fenton

July's ready for some summertime ghost-hunting
Kittygirl July
July takes very much after her grandfather <3
July's Bio Sheet
Four Styles of July
Cheering July
July Fenton Desgin Sheet
Part of the Cosplay Series: July as Wedding Peach
July turning around
A blank edit of a chibi July

Kale Foley

Kale is Yellow
Kale listening to some music
Everything I see is in a shade of gray
Three Styles of Kale
Kale's Bio Sheet
Kale and some of his weaponry
Kale skecthie by Sammy
Arc Two Kale

Tara Foley

Tara's Bio Sheet
Lissa did this adorable image of Tara!
Three Styles of Tara
Happy Tara
Tara Desgin Sheet
Chibi Tara with a heart
Some Watercolor Tara art from Al-Chan. Super Cute!

Kyle Baxter

Chibi Kyle sleeping in front of a diamond
Kyle's Bio Sheet
Kyle Doll done on an ecandy base. It's cute!
Three Styles of Kyle

Daryl Baxter

Chibi Daryl sitting on a box
Daryl's Bio Sheet
Red Daryl
Three Styles of Daryl

Clair 13

Clair and her shadowcat, Night
Tenka drew this pretty image of Clair <3
Three Styles of Clair
Chibi Clair
Clair blowing bubblegum
Clair Doll done on a Mary-Chan base
Chibi Clair sleeping on a star


Three Styles of Breed
Breed Sketchie by Sammy
Chibi Breed with triangles

The Demon King

Meghan DeVane and Chara

Green Meghan
Meghan Doll done on an unknown base

Groups/Canon Characters

Selene and Solaria as the appear in Arc Two
Like Strangers
Kyle x Solaria
Learning to Steal Souls is tiring...
Hand in Hand-Clair and Breed-
Attack of the Hug Monster
Because You Cried...
The Fenton Children
Tara, Meghan, and Kale xD
The Big ol Group Picture
Selene and Solaria's Concept Picture
Selene gives Daryl a little peck
Clair and Breed by Al-Chan
14year old Selene and 16year old Erik
Clair and Tara builiding a snowman
July and Erik, as the appear at the end of Arc Two


Erik, Kale, and Solaria as Dolls
Sammy drew this awesometastic picture of Erik and Kale, along with her Maddie from a POTO-based RP we're doing
Sammy's Maddie Masters with a black-haired Erik
Sammy does some RP-based doodles of Erik and her Maddie
And another RP-based doodle of Erik and her Maddie. xD
PChat madness featuring Kale, Crayon, Pyre, Maddie, and RANDOM STUFF, featuring artists me, Zoey, and Sammy
Erik is included in this 10,000 hits on DA picture that I drew for myself