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Sailor Princess/Mie Himeno

Sailor Princess sprite, made by the awesome Twiggilala
Call me Sailor Princess
Princess Concept Picture
Sailor Princess' Desgin Sheet

Sailor Oblivion/Aiji Kichou

Seeking Solace, Never to Find it

Sailor Zeus/Otome Hyakurai

Princess Zeus posing with the Jupiter Symbol
Otome Hyakurai's Desgin Sheet
SailorVs4 did this cute doll of Zeus as a contest prize
And Savvy draws a bunch of Zeus', including mine
Zeus Desgin Sheet
Dynamic Zeus Edit
Princess Zeus Desgin Sheet
Zeus headshot doll done on an unknown base

Sailor Sonya/Menkoi Hanakoori

Chibi Sailor Sonya
Sailor Sonya looks as if she's about to give a speech. Edit by Sabrina <3
Menkoi for the Feburary Calender Image
Menkoi in uniform
Starchild did this edit of Sonya as a Thank You gift for supporting her.
Sonya Collarshot
Sonya Desgin Sheet
Menkoi Hanakoori Desgin Sheet
Princess Sonya Desgin Sheet
Princess Sonya posing with Mercury symbol

Sailor Fire Star/Shuurei Isshi

Fire Star's got a 'tude
The Boredem strikes again! This time, Al-chan draws up Princess Fire Star.
Not only that, but Al-Chan draws us Shuurei, too!
Wildnature draws all three of Shuurei's forms. So awesome, even as a skecth!
Sailor Hope did this cute drawing of Fire Star ^^
Shuurei Isshi Desgin Sheet
Fire Star Desgin Sheet
Princess FireStar with the Mars symbol
Princess Fire Star Desgin Sheet

Sailor X/Xayonwa Mataki

Sailor X dressed up as Purenightshade's Sailor Draco
Lady Burama did a cute SD edit of X
And here's the attacthed sprite!

Sailor Cordeilla/Sera Tsuchio

Lady Burama did this pretty picture of Cordeilla
And the ToT sprite!
Chibi Sailor Cordeilla
The old Cordeilla Desgin Sheet

Sailor Arzaid/Jorid Der

Chibi Jorid
Jorid with her sword
Jorid's Desgin Sheet
Lady Burama revamps an earlier request of Arzaid
And here's the orginal request image of Arzaid
And the sprite she did for both of them!
Sailor Arzaid Desgin Sheet
Meet Sailor Arzaid: The Solider of War
Arzaid looking threatining

Sailor Ares/Tsumi Kijino

I love this edit I did of Ares <3
Chibi Sailor Ares xD
Pandora did this awesome edit of an upset looking Ares!
Ares Desgin Sheet
Tsumi Kijino Desgin Sheet
Ares Doll done on a Dollria Base


Tsumi confronts Shuurei
Shuurei and Otome
Kazuya Takahashi's Desgin Sheet