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Name: Nicole "Nicky" Fairbanks

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Nationality: American
Age: 16 (Actually 38)
Birthday: November 29th
Languages: English

Hair Color: Light Brown
Hair Style: Nicole wears her hair down in a thick braid that reaches her knees. She keeps it tied with an ultramarine ribbon.
Eyes: True Green
Skin: Peach
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Extras: There is a large scar over her right breast, as if something had pierced through it.

Honesty, cooking, pepperoni pizza, Swiss cheese, amusement parks, people who will stand up for themselves and others, comic books.

Lies, unpleasant smells, cheaters, snakes, bright colors, submissive people, cheesy dramas, and onion rings.

Nicole is an optimist, always preferring to look on the brighter side of things. This doesn't mean she's impossible to depress however, and sometimes it seems that her optimism is simply a front to hide her depression. She's a fighter and refuses to give in to anyone or anything. While not outgoing, she doesn't tend to blend into the background, either. She tends to be the quiet one in a group, piping up only when she feels she has something worthwhile to contribute. While she doesn't always come up with the best plans, she's still very determined and responsible.

At her worst, Nicole can be downright stubborn and unyielding. She tends to get cranky and becomes something of a ranter when angry. She doesn't always do well under pressure and sometimes just manages to scrape through, not really able to get a hang of herself until well into the situation. She does, however, slowly become accustomed to certain pressured situations.

Nicole is an average student, only really standing out in her literature class. She would have the highest grade in that class, if it weren't for the fact that she simply cannot spell. In her other classes however, she simply is average material. Her effort doesn't seem to have a major effect of her grades, as she always is in the high C-low B range even when she tries her hardest.

Snakes: Something about snakes simply terrifies Nicole to no end. She says it's something about them being appendage-less. Certain types of fish scare her as well.

Ebony Fairbanks (mother)
Daryl Fairbanks (father)
Robert Fairbanks (younger brother- 12)
Clarence Fairbanks (younger brother- 7)
Annamarie Fairbanks (younger sister- 2)


Nicole Fairbanks was born to Ebony and Daryl, the oldest of three children. Her early childhood was nothing remarkable, other than the fact that she spent a lot of time on her own. Both of her parents worked two jobs, trying to make ends meet. Upon the birth of her younger brother, Robert, she was charged with helping to take care of him as well. The four-year old girl and her brother were often dropped off at day care, where Nicole watched out for the young boy.

By the time she was nine and her younger brother Clarence was born, her parents both finally had managed to secure stable jobs. Still, they required a good bit of overtime and Nicole was once again left to take care of her two brothers. She never resented her parents for it though, instead, she stayed optimistic and thought of it as an important learning experience. She was responsible for picking them up from daycare and feeding them dinner.

As she turned fourteen, however, she began to notice strange things about herself. Mainly that, any scrapes or bruises that appeared on her in the day, had disappeared when she woke up in the morning. Determined to find out what was going on, she went to the occult shop near her school, asking the lady at the counter about it. The woman smiled at her, handing her a small keychain and told her that she should keep it as a good luck charm. She also told her not to worry, that those who needed her would find her.

At the same time, there was a battle raging on between a group of three Magical Girls, known as the Angels, and a dark force. Monster attacks on the town were frequent, but the townspeople did not entirely live in fear for the Angels had yet to fail in putting down the monster attacks. These angels were Melody Angel, who gracefully controlled water, Harmony Angel, who energetically controlled fire, and Rhapsody Angel, who courageously controlled earth. These girls were personal idols of Nicole, and she would often watch the replays of their battles when they showed on TV.

It happened that one afternoon she ended up in the same place as a monster battle, bringing her newborn little sister home from daycare, which she was still in charge of doing. The battle was going less than perfect. Melody Angel, while trying to defend the young girl and her sister noticed Nicole's keychain and recognized her as one of her own. They all had received similar keychains from the woman at the occult shop. The heroine instructed her to transform and battle with them and after much shock, Nicole did, transforming into Lyrical Angel.

From there on out, Nicole battled with the other girls, despite honestly feeling alienated from the already tight-knit group. At the same time, she still had to take care of her younger siblings, spending many sleep-deprived nights taking care of her new baby sister. Still, she managed to get along until she turned fifteen.

All this time, the monsters had been getting stronger and more difficult to beat. To top it all of, a month after Nicole's birthday, Harmony Angel died of a heroin overdose. It was shocking, to say the least, especially since none of the girls noticed that she had a problem. The monsters kept on getting stronger, until at last the dark force herself began to appear, revealing herself as a woman known as Nocturne. Not soon after Nocturne's first appearance, did Rhapsody Angel fall in battle.

The battles still grew harder and harder and now the two remaining Angels barely got through them with their lives intact. If it were not for Lyrical Angel's healing abilities, they would have already both been dead. Despairing of ever winning and fearing for her life, Melody Angel turned tail and ran, leaving Nicole to battle on her own. She managed to hold out for a year, her largely defensive powers changing and turning into offensive ones.

Nocturne, growing tired of the stubborn girl, finally decided to face her head on. Nicole's battle was difficult and it was not before she had sustained a number of grievous wounds that she finally managed to turn the tide on Nocturne. Unable to destroy the woman on her own, she sealed her away in an ice prison, hiding her away from the world. With her last bit of strength, she imprisoned herself in an ice cocoon as well.

Twenty years have passed since that date, and with her wound finally healed, Lyrical Angel has been released from her ice prison. Only to find out that someone has already released Nocturne...

-Angel Form-

Angel Name: Lyrical Angel
Tittle: Angel of Reflection

Element: Ice
Colors: White and Ultramarine

Coat: Lyrical Angel wears a high-collared, sleeveless trenchcoat. The trenchcoat is mainly white, but is lined with ultramarine fabric around the top of the collar, the zippered part, and the bottom. It is always left unzipped. On the back of the coat is a small pair of angel wings, in ultramarine.
Gloves: Lyrical Angel's gloves are mostly white, are fingerless, and poof our at their ends. They are trimmed in ultramarine around the fingers, wrists, and ending.
Armbands: Her left armband is a cloth that wraps around her upper arm. It is largely white, with ultramarine trimming. Her right armband is a silver arm bracelet in the same place.
Top: Ultramarine, it is a sleeveless turtleneck that ends just underneath her breasts.
Belt: Ultramarine, it is crooked and hangs down towards the left.
Pants: White, baggy pants, that tuck into her shoes.
Shoes: White high-top sneakers that have wheels attached in the heels. The shoes are trimmed with ultramarine on the straps, as well as the soles.

Item: A small Keychain version of her Reflection Staff
- Lyrical Wings, Come Forth!:
Nicole raises up her keychain, closing her eyes and concentrating her power into it, saying her phrase. Ultramarine energy emerges from it in an upwards explosion, rising into the sky before it falls back down in the form of an ice shower. The shards of ice collect, entombing her, then melt and form into her clothing.

The Reflection Staff: Lyrical Angel's weapon of choice is a white staff, the same height as she is. It is ringed at the top and bottom with three rings of ultramarine. The top of the staff has four extensions, two of which tie together, and two of which stick straight out. In the middle of the cage made by these extensions is a mirror, ringed in ultramarine.

Healing Reflection!: Lyrical Angel raises her Reflection Staff, yelling out the attack name. She closes her eyes and concentrates her power into her staff. The staff glows ultramarine and the two loose extensions move away from the mirror, letting it clearly be seen. The mirror glows, then spins around, and as it does, reverses the effect of attacks, healing one or more people.

Mirror Catacomb!: Lyrical Angel plants her staff in the ground, wraps her hands around the shaft and concentrates her power into it. The staff glows ultramarine, then lets out an explosion of ice crystals which entomb Lyrical Angel. This ability can also happen unconsciously in times when Lyrical Angel is heavily wounded, entombing her in ice until her wounds are healed.

Ice Shield Break!: The two loose extension on Lyrical Angel's staff extend outwards, her mirror glowing ultramarine. She waves it in a horizontal motion, the light emitting from the staff and forming an ice shield in front of her. She then slams the staff down, yelling the attack name. The shield at once explodes forward in a scattering of tiny, sharp ice pieces.

Ice Mirror Spin!: Lyrical Angel thrusts up her staff with one hand, all four of the staff extensions loosening from the staff, letting the mirror float up. It spins around, glowing ultramarine. As it spins, it grows in size, until it gets to about the size of a beachball. It then inflates outwards and explodes in a shower of sharp ice crystals. A new mirror reforms on her staff after the attack.