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Sailor Star/Yukari Hoshino

Yukari's Desgin Sheet
ChibiChan made this cute edit of Sailor Star! n.n
Akasailorsea did this semi-inaccurate edit of Star
Nessy chose to do Star for a request because she was cute~
Glory's amazing edits strike again-this time Star gets the treatment
And the sprite that came with it
SD edit of Yukari Hoshino
Star Desgin Sheet

Sailor Hurricane/Hitomi Gufuu

Chibi Hurricane
Hitomi's Desgin Sheet
Could she get any cuter? Phoenix did this ADORABLE edit of Hurricane! <3
Hurricane Doll done on a Angy-Chan base
Sailor Hurricane Desgin Sheet

Sailor Orbit/Kibou Hyoushitsu

Kri drew this awesome image of Kibou!
And like with all ToT stuff, the sprite that Kri did~
Chibi Sailor Orbit
Eira did this adorable doll of Orbit!
Kibou Hyoushitsu Desgin Sheet
Orbit Desgin Sheet

Sailor Aqua/Suijou Hana

Chibi Suijou Hana
SailorVs4 did this cute Suijou doll for me as a contest prize
DarkMagicanGirl did this edit of Aqua as a request
Aqua poses for the camera
Sujiou Hana Desgin Sheet
Sailor Aqua Desgin Sheet
The Power of the Sea Crystal
Miko-Chan did this cute edit of Aqua as a request

Sailor Landslide/Jishin Yochi

Jishin's Desgin Sheet
Landslide posing with her mallet
Sailor Landslide Desgin Sheet

Rockslide Knight/Yasashii Yochi

Yasashii's Desgin Sheet

Sailor Moon/Vega Lin

Moon's Desgin Sheet
Even more Shuu art! This time it's this lovely image of Moon-Chan
And here's the sprite that goes along with it

Sailor Pandora

Chibi Sailor Pandora
Kenly did this cute pixel-style edit of Pandora!
Pandora did this image of Sailor Pandora as a request. *blink* Is it sad that I just now noticed about their names?
Al-Chan does some more watercolor art! Pandora with white hair.
Sakky did this cute image of Pandora and her box
And the attacthed sprite!
Another CG that I did of Pandora. Really like this one ^^
Pandora Desgin Sheet

Sailor Spectral/Yuuki Hitogoe

Glory did this AMAZING edit of Spectral as a request
And to join it, a sprite!
Fullbody edit of Spectral
Yuuki Hitogoe Desgin Sheet
Spectral Desgin Sheet

Sailor Sol/Taiyou Hikari

Chibi Taiyou in her school uniform
Sol Desgin Sheet

Sailor Sun

Kchan drew this wonderfully awesome picture of Sun <3
Killing is a wonderful experiance
Sailor Sun's New Desgin Sheet
Shuu did this deliciously morbid picture of Sun as a request
And the not-so-morbid sprite that came with it

Sailor Mimick/Kanzen Kopii

Cute, yet evil. Sprite by Kri
I lied.
Mimick posing with her symbol
Ti-Shing did this cute edit of Mimick <3
Sailor Mimick Desgin Sheet
Mary did this cute picture of Mimick as a request
A decpetively cute edit of Mimick
Mimick Collarshot

Sailor Vortex/Tsuki Kazuketsu

The Unforgiveable Crime
Sailor Vortex's Desgin Sheet
Tsuki leaning against a railing
Kashoku did this headshot edit of Vortex's early desgin
Here's the sprite that Kashoku did~
More art from teh Shuu! This time, it's Vortex
And shuu's sprite!
Tsuki's pretty angry >>
Tsuki Kazuketsu Desgin Sheet

The Animamates

Pandora made this awesome edit of Sailor Silver Dragon
Sailor Silver Dragon's Desgin Sheet
Steel Inu with her sword. Drawn by Al-chan!
Purenightshade made this awesome image of Steel Inu!
Sailor Selenium Rose's Desgin Sheet
Sailor Steel Inu's Desgin Sheet
Silver Dragon Doll done on an unknown base
Shrugging Selenium Rose

The Villians


Chibi Yasashii and Jishin
Sailor Pandora and Vortex
Erich and Jishin for OCArt100-Love
Hello, my precious daughter...